Short Term Rehab

Lincoln Park Care Center is a highly regarded 24-hour skilled nursing facility known for outstanding patient care in an elegant therapeutic environment. We provide up to seven-day-a-week therapy based on an individual’s needs.

Lincoln Park Care Center has become a training facility for professionals, especially nurses who come from around the world to receive practical training from our renowned nursing staff.

Long Term Rehab

Cognitively impaired residents benefit from specific modalities, which include:

  • Individual Sensory Stimulation utilizes a mobile “Snoozelen Sensory Cart” that enables the recreation therapist to stimulate the environment in the individual resident’s room, when the ability to leave the room becomes compromised.

  • Re-motivation Therapy provides reminiscence activities that stimulate the resident’s memories of past pleasurable life experiences, addressing depression and anxiety symptoms.

  • Reality Therapy reinforces daily orientation in the areas of time, date, weather, current events, and more.


Our attractive in ground swimming pool offers recreational and therapeutic swimming adjacent to a large covered patio for visiting and activities. The Dolores Turco Memorial Park offers walkways through gardens and bridges, with benches and swings overlooking the tree-lined campus.


The beautiful, calming design of Lincoln Park Care Center has been created to soothe, motivate and stimulate residents to improve their quality of life. We strive to offer residents a range of creative and therapeutic programs to encourage socialization and participation, with a behavior management focus

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